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   We eliminate all the hassle and stress out of selling your home!

  • Alleviate the stress of worrying about making another payment or bill by putting cash in your hands and riding you and your family of headaches and problems in a couple weeks time!

  • We buy homes as-is! Don't worry about any repairs or cleaning for picky buyers!

  • Listing your home with a realtor is expensive and takes time!

    • Keep peace of mine that your home isn't open to strangers for open houses or showings

    • No repairs or price reductions after home inspections

    • FHA home appraisals stick with a property for 6 months! These can come in below your accepted offer, causing another price reduction!

    • No seller concessions to the buyer - saving you thousands!

    • We'll even pay your closing costs!

  • Do you have items that you can't afford to dispose of? We'll remove those items from the house!

  • If you are moving locally, we will have your packaged belongings and furniture moved by a professional and insured moving company!

NCI Holdings are your Local Real Estate Solutions Company  who specializes in the buying of single family and multi-unit properties. 

We can help you if you are in any of the following situations;

Behind on House Payment              
Avoiding the Costs of Listing Your Home
Job Transfer or Loss
Estate Settlement
Relocation/Out of State Owner
City Work Orders
Back Taxes/Liens

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